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Foreign Teachers' Style Show

Most of Wanlin foreign teachers have TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates and rich teaching experience with holding bachelor degree at least which ensure the teaching quality. Wanlin foreign teachers have a very deep and stable cooperation relationship with the numerous public schools, private schools, training schools and so on. They keep getting our schools and students’ love and praise. Our teachers with high quality is the core competitiveness among millions of foreign teachers.

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Name:Aram Brief introduction:
Armenia male Aram, 27 years old, master's degree, professional psychology. Two years teaching experience in English, teaching grade 2-6. Because professional learning, so character is more careful, good at communication, but also easy to understand others.
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Name:Reginald Brief introduction:
American dark male, 43 years old, master's degree, an American teacher's qualification certificate, three years teaching experience, taught English, also taught mathematics, science and so on. Easy-going and patient, like writing, reading, teaching, like to practice yoga every day.
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Name:Matúš Brief introduction:
Slovakia male, 29 years old, master's degree, professional German, five years teaching experience, three years experience, is to teach German, two years to teach english. Optimistic personality, cheerful, honest and willing to challenge.
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Name:Randy Browne Brief introduction:
American white 60 years old, master's degree, professional computer science, three years of teaching experience in China, taught mathematics, business English and spoken English, one year of university teaching experience in the United States, teaching computer science. Love teaching and want to dedicate your life to education. Gentle personality, deeply loved students. Enjoy writing, music, learning oriental culture and language.
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Name:Marina Brief introduction:
European female foreign teachers, 27 years old, undergraduate, professional English, two years of teaching experience. Love sports, art, traveling. Outgoing, good at communication, creative, team player and passionate about Chinese culture.

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